Our Hardy 42 owner Phil Keen (H42 Keen Interest) has been in touch to see if any other Hardy owners want to join a Hardy cruise weekend and Hardy’s are happy to assist.

There is a Hardy gathering on Friday 22 & Saturday 23rd September and five Hardy’s attending and there are five more moorings available so you may contact him direct if you wish to join the cruise.  This ties in with Oktoberfest which sounds good fun!

* Oktoberfest at Bembridge Harbour *
A new event, to be held at the Duver on Saturday 23rd September, to coincide
with the Bembridge Harbour Food Festival weekend (bembridgefestivals.co.uk)
and Isle of Wight Day. Taking inspiration from the tradition of German beer
festivals, this Oktoberfest will have a distinctly Island flavour, featuring locally produced and sourced food, beers and ales. There’ll be live music from 1800.
Lederhosen optional!

Phil’s email address is: highadventure@btinternet.com


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